Hi everyone!

Welcome to my site, i’m very thankful for you taking the time to visit me today, so let me introduce myself. My name is Charlie, i’m 26 and have a completely crazy creative head. I have always created my own gifts to give to family and friends, as being a student and working part time didn’t leave me with much cash… some of you are probably nodding, like yep, I’ve been there too. So, since my best friend turned around to me 2 months ago and said i should sell one of my creations, i was like you’re crazy no one wants what i’m making, well, it sold, and then another one sold. And here we are… Please make a cuppa and have a look around, if you don’t see something you are specifically looking for, please pop me a message, i’ll always do my best to ensure i can create something special for any occasion.

Thank you for your time and welcome x

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